Expression & Origine

Petit Chablis
Right from the first nose the rich, full fruit loaded personalty explodes and might surprise. After a couple seconds swirling it around a floral backdrop appears showing subtle acacia notes. The mouth confirms a rich attack and a fruity body superbly balanced by a beautiful tension that will make you check the label just to make sure it is indeed really "just" a Petit Chablis. The finale amplifies this feeling with an uncommon length and the structure based on freshness that supports the tasting for even longer seconds. Really made for sheer pleasure it turns out it really shines with qualities usually attached to its bigger brother Chablis.

Subtle and delicate nose opening on gleams of a true Chablis minerality. A bit of breathing confirms this limestony impression blending into notes of pear and apple where a delicate hint of fresh almond appears. The mouth makes you feel you are experiencing a richer, more intense personality where the complexity of the terroir is bringing some relief to the tasting. The limestone supports every second of the tasting and brings its unmistakeable profile until the very last perceivable notes on a beautiful finale. A mineral Chablis with intensity and freshness that truly ressembles what a great Chablis with a limestone terroir can and should offer.

Chablis Vieilles Vignes
From the first nose the minerality already shines, this almost earthy minerality is drenched into an amazing fruit. A bit of breathing has those fruity notes evolve to a more precise stone fruit impression. The mouth brings another level of precision making you think about apricots and peaches. A slightly toasty hint gives depth to the tasting and prolonges it between richness and a fine tension for a charming Old Vines Chablis. A truly earthy minerality, a generous and rich fruit and subtly toasty notes, everything an Old Vines Chablis that can shine through time and tastings should have.

Vins gamme Expression et Origine


Pureté & Terroir

Chablis Hommage
Precise, sharp and clean nose that might seem a bit subdued but this subtlety also allows a saline side to shine. A bit of breathing opens everything up and brings on hints of ripe pear and apple. The mouth follows the same path with a more exuberant impression with a rich sunny fruitiness. The superb length goes on with a sea-front like minerality which is typical for the appellation.

Chablis 1er cru Vaillons
Chablis Premier Cru rhymes with more complexity and a more aromatic richness. This Vaillons immediately offers a charming nose on a ripe, pleasant and rich fruitiness. The second nose confirms the richness and power sensation on a mineral backdrop. The mouth, between fruitiness and tension, will finally go towards a really generous even almost extremely generous body covering the tastebuds but never saturating them. The mouth screams of juicy Chardonnay just picked during harvest which might seem obvious even if it only rarely happens. The very experience of what a charming Chablis Premier Cru should be, this Vaillons provokes the senses through its richness and generosity.

Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume
The personality of a Chablis Premier Cru can range from immense charm to amazing elegance. This Fourchaume adorns itself with a mineral nose blended in fresh fruits that opens on the richness of quince jam. On the palate the Chablis terroir shines through with minerality, light tobacco notes and floral hints. The superb length will convince you it is a perfectly balanced and superbly elegant Chablis Premier Cru. This Fourchaume perfectly balances out tension and richness, it then is the very experience of superbly elegant Chablis Premier Cru.

Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuses
Limpid golden color, hints of green. Expressive nose with complex and elegant floral aromas, flinty mineral character and toasted, vanilla, honey and hazelnut notes. fresh attack giving way to a fine balance in the mouth with potencial for a pleasing smoothness and body. Exquisite aromas: withe blossom (elder, lilac), mineral notes and hints of hazelnut, toast and spice, with a remarkable lingering finish.

Vins gamme Pureté et Terroir



Bourgogne Epineuil
Delicate ruby to garnet red eye. The nose recalls evanescent hints of violet and notes of red and black berries. This fruity treat opens up on a stronger personnality and more intensity with every second passing by bringing even more richness to that aromatic basket. The plumper mouthfeel is structured by fine tanins that are already superbly integrated and smooth. Oak ageing is gently softering this Bourgogne Epineuil into a Pinot Noir from the Norht of Burgundy that will gracefully evolve with time to reveal its full potential and personality.

Offers a nose of dried grapes and ripe berries. In the mouth, the roundness of very ripe grapes and dried grapes is confirmed but still leaves room for a light clean liveliness to Burgundy. You can also discover some similar notes of hazelnut compositions reminiscent of dried fruits and nuts served at the aperitif.

Vins gamme Parenthèse